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The Way Club

Est. 2020

About Us

Way Club started as a simple dream for Founder and Executive Director Monique Harrington. At 14-years old, she imagined having a local hangout, much like The Den in her favorite TV show Moesha, where her friends could learn, laugh, and grow together. Since then, Monique has set out to hone her skills and network to create that space, and Way Club is her vision brought to life.


Board of Directors

Deja Jennings Headshot

Monique Harrington

Way Club founder and Board Chair

What I love Most about Philly: I love that Philly is the birthplace of our nation and a city of “firsts” — first hospital, first library, first fire department. And now, the first upscale social club for high school-aged teenagers!

Angela Moss Headshot

Angelica Moss

Interior Designer

What I love Most about Philly: The holidays — we know how to have a good time! There is nothing better than Ben Franklin Parkway being shut down for a big celebration, or going to the Christmas Village at Love Park/City Hall. Philly always has music, food, and fun for all!

Deja Jennings Headshot

Darren Greenfield

Strategy consultant

What I love Most about Philly: The grittiness and “by-any-means necessary” attitude of the city.

Deja Jennings Headshot

Deja Jennings

Higher Education Consultant
What I love Most about Philly: Even though I currently live out of state, I will always consider Philly to be my home. It is where I met my best friends, where I gave birth to my daughter, and is the place where most of my family members still reside. I will always love the culture and be proud of my city.